Product Features

  1. Handles a super-wide range of components from 0402 chips to W45xL100mm or less components and with long connectors

  2. Handles components with heights up to 25.5mm

  3. Simplified pressing force control from 10 to 30N

  4. +/-30μm QFP mounting absolute accuracy and +/-20μm QFP repeatability in full time operation

  5. 8,400CPH(0.43sec/CHIP Equivalent : optimum condition)mounting capacity

  6. Applicable to large size PCB(L510mm x W460mm)

  7. Built-in tape cutter available as an option

  8. Conformity with both Machinery directive and EMC directive (CE marking)
Model name
YS88(Model : KJH-000)
Applicable PCB
L510×W440mm to L50xW50mm (Note 1)(Note 2)
Mounting Capability
8,400CPH (0.43sec/CHIP Equivalent)
Mounting Accuracy Absolute accuracy (μ+3σ):+/-0.05mm /CHIP, +/-0.03mm /QFP
Repeatability(3σ) +/-0.03mm /CHIP, +/-0.02mm /QFP
Number of component types 90types(Max,8mm tape reel conversion)(Note 1)
Applicable components 0402(Metric base)to □55mm components, SOP/SOJ, QFP connector, PLCC,CSP/BGA, Long connector(W45xL100 mm or less)(Note 3)(Note 4)
Odd-shaped components(such as special connectors)which requires pressing force control mounting(10 to 30N)
Height of components which can be mounted : 25.5mm or less(Note 5)
Allowable height on PCB surface before transport : 6.5mm or less
Power supply 3-phase AC200/208/220/240/380/400/416V ±10%
Air supply 0.45MPa or more, in clean, dry states
External dimensions (Note 6) L1,665×W1,562 (End of cover)×H1,445mm(cover top)L1,665×W1,615 (End of guide for feeder carriage)×H1,445mm(cover top)
Weight Approx. 1,650kg (Main unit only)