So, we offer different ways of assisting you to maximize machine efficiency and uptime by maintaining your machines and improving for example changeover times.

Support is available over the complete equipment life cycle, either from our staff or from your own trained engineers using the our tools.

Technical support is available 24/7, with spare parts and consumables delivered within the time limits you require.   

Factory integration

Optimize your SMT production line’s performance

The Manufacturing Suite P-tool integrates your machinery in a single control environment to optimize the performance of Pick & Place solutions.

It increases operational efficiency and hence profitability by shortening design-to-production time, speeding up ramp-up,
increasing process visibility and optimizing logistics flow. 

P-tool streamlines the setting up and manufacturing of new and existing products, and facilitates compliance with the most tringent traceability requirements. P-tool is beneficial to the complete SMT manufacturing process, from production preparation to traceability. It provides more process visibility and control.

With the comprehensive suite of modules you can:

- Move tasks offline to allow uninterrupted manufacturing
 - Reduce changeover time and therefore increase operational efficiency
- Set up and run new and existing products
- Eliminate setup and running errors
- Prevent component starvation during production and keep the warehouse stocked
- Reduce the cost of non quality
- Comply with traceability legislation and customer requirements


Zero defects, a precondition for the automotive industry

For the automotive industry, achieving zero defects is a necessity. Legal and safety regulations and
the associated high cost of possible field recalls are making product quality and production reliability
a number one priority for the automotive industry... Yamaha can help you resolve recall issues by ensuring detailed track and trace production data is available.

Engineering support

Engineering support is available to help you install and maintain your equipment, and keep machines running efficiently. These are basic services to keep your lines up and running, including:

* Start up services
* Engineering support

Ready for applications/engineeing support/testing in DEMO center located in CZ:

DEK - printer Horison 03iX, VectorGuard, Grid-lock system, Laser height monitoring, stencil clening support

Yamaha - P/P YS12F with ATS, YS24X- with FES,feeders, spec. nozzles, SW support

Assembléon - P/P MG1-R with ATS, MG1-R, AX301, feeders, spec. nozzles, SW support

SMT reflow  oven type SMTPRO 0808

UNICOMP - X-ray AX7100L

Reworks - AssemTech BiP 5000 and BiP 7000

Diametral - working tables and Electrical devices  

CNC prototyping milling system and 3D applications 

LASER for making stencils


The company is permanently working on development of new and modified devices, as well as on new modules and modifications of the present modules/machines together with associated furniture
and accessories. During this developing process is the company still reviewing the comments and requirements of all customers and is trying to apply this know-how into all products to meet the
criteria of the most demanding customers.


All products are distributing within the Czech / Slovak Republic either directly to individual customers or through all good distributors.


The products made by the company are well knows in CZ / SK and further European countries, as in Poland, Hungary, Great Britain, but also in China, California, Australia, etc.
In August 2009 the company attended the exhibition Nepcon Shenzen 2009, where the company AssemTech sign cooperations with company Unicomp.

Thanks to successful presentation during this exhibition the company started to export their goods also to EU and established a lot of new international contacts.