Our DEMO center is ready for trainings / applications/engineeing support and machinery testing for your applications. DEMO center is located in CZ, 70 km south from Prague. 

Express PCBs assembling service - prototyping till mass production.


Our company is permanently working on development of new and modified devices, as well as on new modules and modifications of the present modules/machines together with associated furniture and accessories. 

During this developing process is the company still reviewing the comments and requirements of all customers and is trying to apply this know-how into all products to meet the criteria of the most demanding customers.

THT on SMT  ??? NO PROBLEM with our partners !!!

About Our Business

RONY-electronic (since 1990) was conveted to AssemTech, Ltd in 2008.

Is a leading representative organization for the electronic industry in Czech and Slovak republic providing sales, sales support and technical services to world leading manufacturers of systems, equipments and SMT production equipments for the electronic industry.

AssemTech, Ltd manufacturer’s partners include complete SMT line solutions:

- Yamaha / Assembleon with Pick & Place

- DEK for printing technology

- Mirtec with AOI / SPI / 3D AOI - Automatic Optical Inspection 

- Soldering technology / Reflow ovens

- Nutek with PCB handling 

- BRADY for labeling systems

- Interfluf for consumable materials 

- UNICOMP for X-ray systems

and many other leading manufacturers for the Electronic industry.

AssemTech, Ltd provide consulting services, maintenance and technical services and long term support for all our partners and manufactures we represent in our market.

For more information, please contact our office 420 603285233 or info(@)assemtech.cz